Principal’s Message

Warm greetings,
Sree Cauvery Management College is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning opportunities to suit the needs of the students of 21st century.
Studying B Com & BBA opens up to a wide variety of career opportunities. Companies around the world are demanding managers with abilities to lead and direct their organization.
We believe in creating suitable learning situations especially to the impressionable students to specialize in management business education.
In our endeavor to achieve our goal parent body Kodava Samaj Education council has been very supportive to the college. In July 2016, the college launched the endowment chair programme to offer enhanced academic assistance to students to expose them to tackle strategic and organizational challenges supported by the industrial lecture programmes by eminent industrialists, also this This programme helps the students to apply business knowledge in various functional business situations.
We expect our future managers to be smart, disciplined modest to fit into the world of business.  To make this a reality we do not want to spare any effort to give our students a meaningful and relevant entrepreneurial skills of the present day. Our teaching staff is committed on every student’s academic success by constantly monitoring and guiding on the right directions. At Cauvery each one gets an opportunity to develop this talents and skills to the full potential.

With regards
Dr Remy Thimmaya – BED, MA, MPhil, PhD