As I grew many people asked me what is my best experience in my life. I proudly said that 3 years of my college life is one of a great experience that has ever happened in my life. I always saw my college as a mine of filled resources, what I felt was good enough for me and what was helpful to build myself and make me a better person I took it into me. Today those resources have made me successful. College is not only about education but also about the other co-curricular activities as well, which was equally manged here. Not to forget the well qualified faculty members who help us by guiding students in the right way.

“ When it starts to rain all the birds fly for safety and hide in shelter but an eagle always flies above the sky bravely without any fear and overcoming all the obstacles “ that is what a college like Sree Cauvery management college helps every individual who is a part of it

September 2, 2018